Jackpot Joker


The Jackpot Joker is a members only draw that takes place every 2nd Sunday. Tickets are available to members from behind the bar and are £ 1 each, you can buy as many as you like.

If you have the winning ticket you will win a 3rd of the ticket income for that period and have the opportunity to choose a card from the Jackpot Joker board to try and find the Joker.....and the Jackpot.

The last Jackpot Joket ran for over 12 months with the eventual winner taking away £4296.

The draw takes place at 4pm every 2 weeks on a Sunday.


The winning ticket on Sunday 17th October  was 384. The winner takes away £88 and the the Joker was not found. The Jackpot now stand at £951