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Greenlepers Report May/2023

Dear Member,

Growth rates remain slow at present following a cold and wet month of April, however based on previous years of experience growth levels should start to improve during this month. A spring feed was applied last week to help boost potential growth. 

 As growth levels start to increase and the grass sward becomes stronger and more resilient to stress levels our new thatch away verti cutting reels will start to become a regular maintenance operation on our greens. As mentioned in previous reports these verti cutting reels are a type of scarifier which helps remove thatch and shallow rooted weed grasses. ( poa annua ) They are also useful at this time of year when growth is patchy as they also groom the grass sward upright before cutting, which helps produce a more uniform cut and thus a smoother roll of the golf ball. 

 Our greens are currently being maintained at a height of cut of 4.5mm and require cutting four times per week. Again going by previous years experience during this month of May cutting frequency will increase to a daily requirement as soil temperatures reach their optimum, once this happens our height of cut will be reduced to our summer height of 3mm. 

Our fairways have never looked better going into the golf season thanks to our members and visitors using the fairway tee mats for the first time throughout the winter months. However due to the weather and ground conditions in recent weeks we have decided to continue adopting the use of preferred lies for the time being. This will be monitored and a decision made on or before May 12th to either remove preferred lies and play the ball as it lies from May 12th or if we deem necessary we will request an extension to continue preferred lies use beyond that date. We will keep you all up to date before any potential changes take place. 

Tees have recently been fertilised to boost early growth and aid recovery from the winter months. A selective weedkiller will be applied in the coming weeks as growth rates improve. Recently turfed tees at the 10th and 11th have taken well and are back in use quickly, tees at the 3rd and 7th where we had to add more material are taking a little longer to settle but should be back in play in the next few weeks. 

Ditches, pathways around the clubhouse and carpark have all been treated with a total weedkiller and will be monitored for re emergence and treated again when required. 

Approx 60 tonnes of sand has been added to top up sand levels in the bunkers requiring. Bunkers have been edged to tidy and will be rotavated when required throughout the season to alleviate compaction. 


All plant machinery has now returned from annual servicing and blade sharpening and is now in full use, good definition is being achieved around the course. 

 Finally could I ask you all to help us and your fellow members by repairing pitchmarks, raking bunkers after you and replacing your divots.(let's not spoil all of the hard work you've all done over the winter months using tee mats to protect our fairways.)


David Sharkey, 

Head Greenkeeper. 

Greenlepers Report Feb/2023

The course in general has dried out significantly over the past couple of weeks and overall temperatures have risen slightly. Growth and recovery rates continue to remain slow however. 

Our Winter workplan remains on target with only some short disruptions due to weather conditions so far, if conditions remain favourable we will be looking at turfing our construction projects around the end of this month. 

In March we will again be using the "Graden" deep scarifier on our greens in preparation for the coming golf season. This machine removes more organic matter build up (thatch) than any other scarifier on the market today. We will be following this operation by overseeding and topdressing which will be brushed into the surface to restore surface levels. We found last year recovery rates were much faster compared to traditional tining methods especially going into the golf season. My provisional date to start this operation is Monday 13th of March. 

  We have been trialling a product last season called " rocastem " which is hailed by its manufacturers as liquid aeration. The product requires applying on a monthly basis throughout the growing season and judging from soil samples taken from our greens at the start of last season compared with samples in October last year it has done a fantastic job cleaning up our soil structure from impurities and black layer. Whilst new technologies and products such as "rocastem" will not replace traditional tining methods they will certainly work alongside and compliment each other going forward. 

 Weather and ground conditions dictating we hope to get a first cut of the season on our Summer tees later this month. Following this with an application of slow release fertiliser to boost early growth and aid recovery in readiness for the start of this season. 

 Ground conditions were dry enough recently to run a machine around our fairway perimeters and aid definition for our fairway mat usage. I know there are differences of opinion regarding fairway tee mats however I must say from a Greenkeepers perspective they are proving fantastic in fairway damage limitation. 

 I will be sending off soil samples from our greens later this month for analysis. The results will assist me preparing a fertiliser programme for the year ahead, based on nutrients currently present or deficient in our soil profile. 


We are now receiving quotes from local turf machinery specialists for the servicing and blade sharpening of our major plant machinery, we are also looking at quotes to potentially replace our current rough cutting machine which we purchased back in 2008. 

David Sharkey, 

Head Greenkeeper.

Car Parking

We have welcomed over 60 new members to the club meaning that our car park is getting full most days. In an attempt to make getting in and out of spaces more manageable the management committee ask that all members follow the below process.

  • Take extra care when parking, ensure you are parked within the lines and only taking up one space.
  • Please can early starters fill the car park from the bottom (Near green keeper’s garage) and work upwards.
  • Utilise the overflow car park behind the practice area wherever possible (Accessed via the road to the rear of the clubhouse.)
  • If you have a large vehicle please park at the very top of the car park where possible or use the over flow car park.