Open Competitions Result

2021 Results

Wednesday 22nd September Seniors Open Results

1st W S Stephenson (15) & Norman Leslie (14) 47
2nd Frank Carr (9) & Antony Laverick (14) 46
3rd david john taylor (7) & Raymond Pipe (13) 46
4th Bobby Arthur (20) & George W Newton (15) 45

Saturday 11th September 2021 Yellow Ball Open

1st- E Black, I Blaney, S Maratty, P Dickinson -113 points

2nd- T Trippett, M McGann, V Stevens, C Sengelow- 110 points (Back 12)

3rd- D Cook, S Dixon, I Duncan, M Hodgson- 110 points. All raffle prizes were claimed. List is in the clubhouse.


Sunday 15 August Vegas Scramble


1st- K Black M Og J Price J O’Connor (56.3)
2nd- I Duncan M Hodgson S Dixon T Nimmo (59.3)
3rd- K Dyson S Mitchell T McGann M Worthy. (59.9)



Sunday 29th May Prism Financial Open 4BBB Stab

Winner & Runners up

1st J. Bullmore / M. Witten 47pts

2nd D. Whiting / S. Haswell 44pts (bk9)

3rd F. Shaw / M. Reed 44pts

4th J. Whitehead / E. Donaldson 43pts (bk9)

5th W. Henry / S. Ball 43pts

Best Gross D Patterson/ K Booth 43 points


Nearest to pin

2nd hole P. Neal

6th hole P. Price

13th hole J. Shaw

15th hole T. Middlemiss

17th hole W. Stephenson


Two's in pro shop

P. Neal

D. Bunn

R. Kelly

D. Harle

G. Moody

D. Henderson

S. White

J. Walker

Bumble Willis

M. Noble

W. Stephenson

R. Hood

D. Broom

S. Lee

D. Patterson


Raffle Prizes UNCLAIMED

Ticket No. 410

Ticket No. 415

Ticket No. 342


Wed 12th May Seniors Open (1) 4BBB Stab

Senior Open Results

1st D. Whiting / S. Honnor  45 pts (last 9 holes)

2nd M. Bolton / P. Anderson 45 pts

3rd J. Bullmore / J. Burns 43 pts



2020 Finished

12th September2020 / Prism Open

Prism Open results

1st Holehouse & Lee 47

2nd Dyson & Shaw 46

3rd Redden & Henry 45

4th Price & Mcgann 44

5th Hardy & Richardson 44

Best Gross

P Neal & A Williams

Nearest to pin

2nd K Marshal

6th D Welsh

13th V Johnson

15th K Marshal

17th L Stafford

29th August 2020 / Captains Day Raffle Winners

Message from the Captain. Thank you to everyone who supported me this weekend. A great day was had by all despite the weather. Also a massive thank you to all that helped on the day, you know who you are and it was greatly appreciated.
Winners and Runners up
Course Mix Up- S
Steven Stothard
Runner up
Jonny Birbeck
Captains Day Winner-Martin Knight Runner up Frankie Shaw
Nearest the pins
2nd- Stan Potts
4th- Darren Ruddock
13th- John McCourt
17th- Wayne Henry
Longest Drive- Michael Thompson
Ladies Winner -
Margaret Corkhill
runner up Marie Tasker
Putting Competition- Paul Price
Washing machine chipping- Martin Knight

Raffle Winners

  1. Mizuno BRD3 st & Bag - A Thirkell
  2. Callaway Bag - M Johnston

  3. Glenmorangie - P Dawson

  4. Dead Man's Finger - B Earlie

  5. Captain Morgan - W Reed

  6. Jack Daniels Honey - P Baron

  7. Dows Port - A Cutting

  8. Srixon Balls - M O Keeffe

  9. Dove Products - S Dixon

  10. Merlot Wine - A Black

  11. Hardys - G Moody

  12. Prosecco - S Craig

  13. Prosecco - S Craig

  14. Sauvington Wine - J Whitehead

  15. Bodacious Wine - B Earlie

  16. Chardonnay - S Hanby

  17. Gallo Rose - M Johnston

  18. Pinot Grigio - N Arnaud

  19. Carling 18 Cans - G Dixon

  20. Pink Goodie Bag - D Wooff

  21. Bucks Fizz - 456-450

  22. Skull Glass - L Debbage

  23. Johnny Walker Black Label - J Barnett

  24. Glen Fiddich - B Dobbinson

  25. Scorecard Holder & Mini Bottle - B Earlie

  26. Gordons Gin - D Sharkey

  27. Ping Hat + Glove - K Hardy

  28. Elderflower Gin - J Whitehead

  29. Jamesons - Denise & Michael

  30. Bungee Jump - L Debbage

  31. Carte D'or Choc - N Leslie

  32. Grahams Port - P Baron

  33. Adidas Hat - E Donaldson

  34. Captain Morgan - M Doggert

  35. Captain Morgan - L Johnson 





4 Man Team Event Results 25/07/2020

1st - M.Reed, F.Shaw, S Duffy, M. Doggett  Score 111 (B9)

2nd - R.Hope, G.Harrison, S. Harrison, K.Brooks Score 111 

3rd - S.Halliday, G Dixon, M.McGann, V.Stevens Score 110 (B9)

4th - M.Richards, C.Gray, D.Richards, P.Riddle Score 110

Congratulations to the winners, Thank you for participating