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Seaham  Golf  Club


The 400 Club



1.      The name of the club is “Seaham Golf Club 400 Club” - named hereafter ‘The Club’.

2.      The primary object of ’The Club’ is to raise funds for Seaham Golf Club.

3.      'The Club’ shall be administered by an Executive Committee consisting of 4 members of the Seaham Golf Club Management Committee, one of whom shall be the Treasurer.

4.      The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final in any matter concerning 'The Club‘ that requires adjudication.

5.      Each participant must be over 16 years of age.

6.      Membership of ‘The Club’ will be £12 per annum, payable by cash or cheque.

7.      A Member of ‘The Club’ may hold more than one membership of the club.  Each Membership will be allocated a Number by ‘The Club’.  A roll of membership will be maintained by the Executive Committee.                Memberships are not transferable.

8.      A Monthly DRAW will be held in Seaham Golf Club on the THIRD Thursday of each month at approximately 7:30 pm.

9.      Only Numbers paid for will be entered into the draw.

10.  Numbers may only be bought on club premises.



The 400 Club will return 50% of the income from the sale of Numbers as below:

Based on 400 Numbers being sold (producing an annual income of £4800)

In the MONTHLY DRAW,  the following prizes will be allocated:


1st   Prize         £100

2nd  Prize         £50

3rd  Prize          £25


Christmas Bonus – an additional DRAW at Christmas will have a prize of £300


If more than 400 NUMBERS are sold then the prize money will increase pro rata.  Conversely, if fewer NUMBERS are sold, this would similarly decrease the prize money.


All prize winners will be notified personally and results listed on the notice board in the Golf Club and also on the Seaham Golf Club website  - 


                                                                                     The 400 Club Committee