Special Offers

For any Room Booking or Catering enquiries  -

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  Text                       07929 117198

 Email                     seahamgolfclubcatering@outlook.com

How about this to feed you before you go out to enjoy a round of golf -


Full English Breakfast   only  £5.00

Bacon, Angus Sausage, Egg, Mushroom, Beans & Tomato with toast

Or just a snack to set you off -

Bacon Bap  £3.30

Sausage Bap  £3.25

and for when you get back in (please order before your round), how about -

Fish Goujons, Chips & Peas    £6.95

Scampi, Chips & Salad      £5.95

Hot Beef Bap with Chips     £4.95

Pie & Chips with Peas/Beans   £3.95

Chip Buttie with Curry sauce,

or Beans   or   Gravy £2.20

Burger & Chips     £4.95

Also choice of Cold Sandwiches available