Covid19 Guidelines & Sun Protection

Covid-19 guidelines.


The Clubhouse at Seaham Golf club will be re-opening on Saturday 4th July with the below guidelines in place that will be strictly adhered to. Anyone found not to be adhering to these guidelines will be refused service.

Opening Hours/ Services available

The Clubhouse will be open midweek and on weekends. The bar will serve drinks and bar snacks only and the kitchen will remain closed. Please be respectful of staff and adhere to these timings.

The Process (Maximum occupancy is 34 people)

A one-way system will be in operation. Entry will be via the main clubhouse entrance and exit will via the fire exit outside the Secretaries office. The only deviation from this process will be for disabled access which will allow entry via the fire exit as per the normal process.

A compulsory sign in and sign in and sign out process will be in place in line with ‘NHS Track and Trace’. NO NAME NO SERVICE.

Drinks and snacks must be ordered from the designated area which is clearly marked, only 1 person in the queue at a time. Once the drinks have been served the server will step back and allow the customer to collect drinks and pay contactless. You must then go straight to your table or outside; no standing while consuming your drink is permitted inside the clubhouse but this is allowed outside whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Glasses will be used inside the clubhouse and plastic cups must be used outside. Do not return your glasses, these will be collected by a member of staff. Plastic cups must be disposed of in the bins provided. Glasses must not be taken outside.

Tables & Seating areas.

Tables and chairs both inside and outside have been situated to allow 1m + social distancing and must not be moved under any circumstances. Each table/area has been clearly marked with how many people may use that table and this number must be adhered to. Although we are not restricting the amount of time a person can remain in the clubhouse, we ask all members and guests to be mindful of others who may not be able to sit in the clubhouse if the maximum occupancy is reached. We do however ask all members and guests to sit outside wherever possible.


When using the clubhouse, the disabled toilet will be the only toilet in use for men. The lady’s locker room will be open for Women. The men’s locker room toilets will be open for use of people using the locker room only.


Safety guidelines are displayed around the clubhouse area and on the TV screen in the lounge area. Please follow these guidelines strictly.

Adverse Weather

The Clubhouse must not be used for shelter during adverse weather. All Safety guidelines will remain in place including the maximum occupancy. If the Clubhouse is at its maximum capacity, we suggest you go home to seek shelter.

Cleaning and staff training.

All staff have been fully trained on how to be Covid-19 aware in the workplace. A full risk assessment has been completed and shared with all of the appropriate staff members.

A strict cleaning regime will be in place to ensure all commonly used areas are sanitised on a regular basis including toilets and locker room.

We ask all members, guests and visitors to be respectful of all staff and each other and to follow all of the guidelines in place. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in being asked to leave the premises.



Sun Protection Accreditation

We at Seaham Golf Club proud to be recognised as a Sun Protection Accredited club, having signed up to the Slip! Slap! Swing! sun protection campaign for golf.

This summer, as part of our overall duty of care, we will be raising awareness of sun protection, offering advice on how to reduce the risk of skin cancer to all our members and staff.

We have joined a growing community of golf clubs who are taking the health of members seriously. Skin cancer is preventable, but is now at epidemic levels, so the question is if not, why not? If you wish to discuss this further, please speak to Lesley Johnson our Sun Pro Ambassador.

For sun protection tips and what to look out for when skin checking, visit
*subject to COVID restrictions

Sun Protection Statement

As a Sun Protection Accredited club, we have pledged to raise awareness of sun protection to our staff and members. Melanoma is one of the UK’s fastest rising cancers, mainly affecting those who spend lots of time outdoors without sun protection. The incidence in women has more than doubled, and for men tripled in the last 30 years.

Between April to September you need to be aware of the risks of UV light and remember to follow these five rules when playing, working or spectating:

  1. Keep sunscreen (SPF30+), sunglasses, a hat and large umbrella in your summer kit bag.

  2. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before teeing off to ensure it is effective.

  3. Reapply sunscreen every two hours on sunny days, or around the 9th hole, using a sunscreen applicator to avoid a greasy grip!

  4. Use a chubby sunblock stick to protect lips, nose and ears.

  5. Check skin every month or so and if you spot any changes, visit your GP immediately.